• "Big Spaceship is an all Mac office by resounding choice and yes, we're a technically super-savvy bunch, but we need help being super-super-savvy, and Need Mac Help provides all the support and guidance we need... and then some. Their team of wunder-experts provide sustainable and scalable solutions for us to build on, they're personable, reliable and snap-to-it speedy. Way way way beyond the quick fix, Need Mac Help offers us long-term stability and are an optimal fit for the digital world Big Spaceship lives in every day."
    Jason P.
    Big Spaceship
  • "After numerous attempts with different tech people of different companies, Gene was the first one that was extremely helpful, and got my computer and printer working again. He was respectful and knowledgeable."
    Debbi Schonberger-Pierce
    Art Solutions
  • "Jaime helped me overcome my fear of computers. Under his tutelage, I can perform all of the tasks that my job requires of me with skill and ease."
    Jordana Z.
  • "Gene was terrific. He got my computer up and running and told me what the problem was. ...Thanks so much for your speedy service and good advice."
    Bette Rothstein
    Swann Galleries
  • "...always quick to return our calls, accommodating, willing to work until the job is finished, and highly competent. ...Reliable, honest, and friendly."
    Arts Engine, Inc.
  • "...Honest, reliable, friendly and professional."
    Roth Advertising Inc.
  • "I just wanted to congratulate you guys for going the extra mile with your awesome service."
    Gustavo Curi, filmmaker
  • "Need Mac Help's techs are always efficient, reliable and personable. Their preventative maintenance solution helps me keep my Macs and devices updated and trouble-free."
    Robert Linehan
    RJL Studios Fine Furniture Restoration
  • "I was very pleased with the service provided by the technician from Need Mac Help. He arrived on time and was extremely knowledgeable about Macs, networks, etc. The hour he spent going through our issues was definitely worth the money! I recommend Need Mac Help - personal, responsive, hands on service in your home beats the genius bar any day of the week."
    Kalyn Johnson, fashion stylist
  • "We were so impressed, not only with our tech's speedy solutions to our problems, but the excellent followup by Sara. Verbal and email notes were sent to help me better understand my difficulties. We will return!"
    Tanya Waddell, New York City
  • "We've used Macs for 15 years but there is always something to learn from Jaime. He responds promptly for repairs and does his work in the minimum amount of time."
    Julie L.
    New Audiences Productions

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