Backup / Archive

We set up scheduled backup systems that are easy to manage so that you can protect your important data.

For the majority of business clients, the priority will be backing up multiple computers within their networks. For this we recommend an automated backup and data protection solution.

For smaller user groups without servers, we recommend Time Capsule or external hard drive(s) appropriate for your group, and show you how to use Time Machine or another backup application to schedule regular backups of your computers.

External hard drives are very affordable and we highly recommend that all of our clients set-up a backup system.

We can also design schedules and strategies to archive old files from years past, email, music libraries and photo libraries to external hard drives to free up disk space on your server or desktop.

Backup Software and Solutions

  • Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Retrospect
  • Time Machine / Time Capsule
  • Drive cloning
  • RAID Storage
  • Tape Drives
  • Offsite / Cloud

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