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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac – First Update

Monday, November 9th, 2009

A million pardons to our BlackBerry users out there for not posting this sooner.  The first update for the BlackBerry Desktop for Mac was released a few weeks ago.  The v.1.0.1 update apparently improves data synchronization and has important bug fixes (the BlackBerry website does not elaborate on what bugs are fixed).  You can get the update on the official BlackBerry website.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Available October 2

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Hurray for all you BlackBerry users out there!  It has been reported that BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac will be out this Friday, October 2 at 1:00pm EST.  Better late than never!

BlackBerry Desktop for Mac Coming Soon

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I know all of our BlackBerry-using clients have been waiting for this and I apologize for not posting it earlier this week.  BlackBerry Desktop Software is going to be out for Macintosh in September!  That’s right!  Only a couple months away.

BlackBerry Desktop Software promises to:

  • Sync your iTunes playlists, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks
  • Add/Remove applications
  • Update your device when new software becomes available
  • Backup and restore your device data with such features like automatically scheduled backups and optional encryption
  • Manage multiple devices

Note that the software supports OS X 10.5.5 and above.

Check out The Official BlackBerry Blog for screenshots of the new software.

BlackBerry Media Sync Preview for Mac

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

A few people have asked us about the preview of BlackBerry’s Media Sync for Mac, which debuted a couple of weeks ago.  Our Mac specialists have been advising our clients to not download RIM’s BlackBerry Media Sync as other BlackBerry syncing apps, such as PocketMac for BlackBerry and Missing Sync, will cease to work once it is installed.  As most of the BlackBerry users we know need to be able to sync their contacts and calendars (and can use Missing Sync to sync non-DRM protected files from iTunes anyway), it’s better to wait until RIM can sort out the conflicts with other sync software.

Google Sync for BlackBerry update announced

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Like many New Yorkers (as I saw on NY1 the other day), a lot of our clients are BlackBerry users.  The BlackBerry Storm was released today, and I haven’t had a chance yet to take a look at it, but I wanted to let all you BlackBerry users know that Google Sync now has two-way contacts sync for Blackberry.  Google announced this a couple of days ago on its Mobile Blog.  I’ve had a few clients who use Gmail contacts and Google Calendar and have had some sync issues lately, so I know that this is going to be a big help to them.

Google has nice instructions on the Mobile Help section of its site. on Twitter