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Ashtanga Yoga – There’s an app for that?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

After a year’s absence from my regular Mysore Ashtanga practice, I was finally able to return yesterday! I had a great practice with my amazing teacher, Amy, at goodyoga in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. goodyoga is a really lovely, peaceful yoga practice space, and the folks who run it are super friendly and helpful.

During my practice, I realized that I had forgotten some poses and also jumbled up the placement of a few poses in the sequence. In retrospect, I probably should have taken a peek at the primary series sequence before practice. I have a great practice manual by David Swenson, but I would have had to really look at it carefully before I walked out the door because it’s kind of a heavy book to carry around. While I’m not a proponent of yoga apps and DVDs in place of actual practice with an experienced teacher, I feel like an Ashtanga app would have been helpful in this instance — just as a reference guide.

I was surprised to find that there are actually two Ashtanga yoga apps for iPhone and iPad, one of which was created by Richard Freeman, a renowned teacher of Ashtanga. While I would never bring a cheat sheet to practice, I don’t think it would hurt to have an app on my iPhone to help jog my memory when I’m on my way to practice.

Mountain Lion Update – OS X 10.8.1

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Apple released the first update to Mountain Lion today. Per Apple’s support notes, OS X 10.8.1 contains several fixes including the following:

  • Resolves an issue that may cause Migration Assistant to unexpectedly quit
  • Improves compatibility when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server in Mail
  • Addresses an issue playing audio through a Thunderbolt display
  • Resolves an issue that could prevent iMessages from being sent
  • Addresses an issue that could cause the system to become unresponsive when using Pinyin input
  • Resolves an issue when connecting to SMB servers with long names
  • Addresses a issue that may prevent Safari from launching when using a Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC) file
  • Improves 802.1X authentication with Active Directory credentials.

The update can be downloaded directly from Apple’s site here or via Software Update, which will direct to the Mac App Store.

Mountain Lion is in the App Store

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Apple launched OS X Mountain Lion today via the App Store.  Mountain Lion is available for download for $19.99.

Before rushing to purchase and install, please please please do the following:

1.  Make sure your machine(s) and software are compatible. Apple’s list of approved machines can be found here. You can use Roaring Apps to see if your applications are compatible before you install Mountain Lion.

2.  For companies and users with several machines, if you are absolutely itching to try out Mountain Lion, please install it on a non-essential machine.  That way if something breaks, your workflow won’t come to a grinding halt.

3.  NOTA BENE: Once you have installed Mountain Lion, you pretty much can’t go back.  Apple has removed OS X Lion from the App Store, and when you purchase Mountain Lion, Apple removes Lion from your “Purchased” list.

Macworld has a good install guide for Mountain Lion if you feel comfortable doing the install yourself.  If you’d like to arrange a consultation with one of our expert Mac techs, please feel free to contact us!


Carbon Copy Cloner Is Now Commercial

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Just wanted to let all our users know that one of our favorite backup and cloning solutions for Mac, Carbon Copy Cloner, is now a commercial product. Per the information on Bombich software’s site, anyone who sent a donation prior to today, July 24, receives a registration code for CCC 3.5.

For those of you using CCC that have not donated in the past, you can continue using any version up to and including 3.4.6 as long as you like without purchasing a license. But in order to to get a 3.5 license, you will need to pay $29.96. This rate is good through August 12, when the promotion ends, and the price increases to $39.95.  Per the Bombich site, versions before CCC 3.5 are not guaranteed to work with Mountain Lion.


Awesome Photo Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Desktop

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

It’s mid-summer and I know everyone is out there snapping away whilst at the beach, or the lake, or the pool. Instagram is great and all, but I just wanted to share a few of our other favorite photo apps.


Unfortunately, Poladroid was rejected by Apple so this great app is only available for desktop. It’s still a lot of fun to use, though, and you can run the same image through the app several times and get different effects (see example below). The final image saves as a hi-res jpeg with a Polaroid-like border. Poladroid is a shareware, so please donate to this awesome project when you download!


I love my Holga, but I don’t have as much time as I’d like to get into the darkroom to develop and print. Luckily, I stumbled upon the Hipstamatic app a few years ago. Hipstamatic really replicates the unpredictable nature of a Holga or a Diana camera.  In fact, it’s pretty much like having a Holga built into my iPhone. Hipstamatic is available on the App Store for $1.99.


And then there’s Snapseed. This fabulous app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac desktop. You can run any photo through it and make it look absolutely out of this world amazing. I love old vintage postcards so I ran this photo (see below) that I took in Colorado through Snapseed and was able to get a similar effect. There are so many creative adjustments and enhancements that you can make with Snapseed. It’s really worth trying out on your iPhone or iPad for $4.99, and once you get addicted, you can buy the desktop version for $19.99.

Photo by Sara Rychtarik


Will Apple Release OS X Mountain Lion on July 25?

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Apple has set July as the month in which OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 will be released, but it has not announced the exact date.  There have been numerous reports that Apple is going to launch the new operating system on Wednesday, July 25.  9to5Mac reports that Apple Stores in the US and abroad have planned overnights for Tuesday, July 24.

We’re running out of days in July, so it seems highly plausible that July 25 could be the launch date.


Calendar and Address Book with iCloud on Snow Leopard?

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Our head tech, James, found this post a while back and I’ve been meaning to share it.  iHelp Blog found an interesting workaround to get Calendar and Address Book with iCloud on OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  As you all know by now, iCloud is only meant to work on a Mac with OS X Lion 10.7.2 or later, or on an iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch with iOS 5 or later.

**WARNING! NOTICE! DISCLAIMER! This workaround is not for the inexperienced NOR do we make any claims that it works seamlessly.**


Dropbox Storage Doubled!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Hello Dropbox Pro users! Did you wake up this morning to find that your Dropbox automagically supersized overnight?  This is good news for our clients, us, and, well heck, everyone out there who uses Dropbox: Dropbox Pro now comes in 100 and 200 GB plans, but at the price of the original 50 GB and 100 GB plans.  AND for our users who need even more space, a new 500 GB plan is now available!  Dropbox has all the plan info spelled out on its pricing page here.

In a world of ever-increasing file sizes and the need for more hard drive space, Dropbox is a great service to have. For Mac users out there in the New York City area who need help with storage, offsite backup, sync services, and cloud storage, feel free to contact us here at Need Mac Help about options. One of our knowledgeable Mac consultants can help you sort out the best solution for your home or work environment.

iTunes 10.6.3 released

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

With all the excitement at WWDC 2012 yesterday, I neglected to inform everyone about the update to iTunes.  iTunes 10.6.3 addresses several issues and also includes support for the soon to be released Mountain Lion.

Apple’s support notes indicate that iTunes 10.6.3 addresses the following issues:

  • Addresses a problem where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad (1st generation) that contains an iBooks textbook
  • Fixes a problem where photos synced to a device may appear in an unexpected order
  • Resolves an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly delete playlists created on a device
  • Fixes issues where iTunes may unexpectedly delete apps on a device
  • Improves overall performance and reliability

iTunes can be downloaded from Apple’s site or through Software Update.

Reminder! MobileMe ends June 30!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Just a friendly reminder to our users who haven’t had a chance to move to iCloud: MobileMe ends in 30 days.  Sorry folks, but no more procrastinating — if you have a MobileMe account, you need to move to iCloud before Saturday, June 30.  MobileMe members must make this transition in order to continue to have email, contacts, and calendars kept up to date automatically (and also to take advantage of the new services that iCloud provides).

Need Mac Help’s techs have been helping users transition seamlessly from MobileMe to iCloud, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment or ask any questions about the transition and the new services iCloud provides.  We will be happy to help you sort out the system requirements for iCloud for all your devices. on Twitter