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iPad mini tomorrow?

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

So we’re wondering if Apple is going to unveil not just one but TWO new minis tomorrow: an iPad mini AND an updated Mac mini. We obviously don’t know for sure if Apple is going to debut a smaller iPad (or if it will in fact be called an iPad mini), but the rumor mill has produced photos of a supposed iPad “mini” surface, as well as part numbers for an iPad “mini” with 12 different configurations in 2 colors. And, well, the invitation for the media event tomorrow, Tuesday, October 23rd sure does hint at it:

We expect that Apple will also launch new Mac minis with these new mini iPads, as the Mac minis have been on backorder for quite some time now and are definitely due for an update (the last model was released in July 2011).

Halloween Apps

Monday, October 15th, 2012

I have to admit that I’m kind of getting into the Halloween spirit this year. I found a collection of old monster movies on Netflix Instant, and ended up watching “The Mummy’s Curse” and “Son of Frankenstein” recently. This, of course, made me start thinking about fun Halloween iPhone apps, so I started doing a little bit of research and found the following goodies:

1. Monster Dash – A fun and addictive game from Halfbrick, the makers of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. While Jetpack and Fruit Ninja are ok for little kids, Monster Dash (like Age of Zombies, which is also a Halfbrick creation but not as fun IMHO) is definitely an age 12+ game due to some of the adult themes.

2. Pumpkin Creation – Here’s a free app that the kids can enjoy. Dress up and illuminate your pumpkin! Different types of pumpkin, eyes, noses, mouse, lights, skin and ornaments are available so you can be as creative as you like. Spooky background music makes the experience extra fun.

3. ZombieBooth – This one is just goofy fun. With this app you can instantly make your face into a 3D, animated zombie. You can even record and share videos of your zombified friends! Or, as shown in the image below, zombify your pet.

4. Make A Zombie – If you’re not content with just zombifying your friends, you can always make your own little zombie.

5. Scary Sound Effects + – This free app has a lot of fun, freaky, and frightening sound effects that you can use to scare trick-or-treaters or friends at the touch of a button.

Happy Halloween everyone! on Twitter