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iTunes Match is “Interesting”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

So iTunes Match came out last week and I’m going to use my mother’s favorite euphemism to describe the feedback I’ve been getting from techs and users: “interesting.”

Plenty of grumbles about the 25,000 song limit.  There’s a way around this, but it’s a bit complicated so you might want to consult with one of our brilliant, Apple certified techs.

As our tech James pointed out, iTunes Match also fails to recognize the most popular song in a lot of albums.  And there’s no AC/DC in iTunes!

You can use iTunes Match on multiple machines to match and upload songs to the same iCloud account, which is really handy. You can merge songs from your different libraries into the same library within iCloud, and then you can download those songs to other machines or get them on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

So is it worth $24.99 a year? If you have a lot of non-iTunes purchased music, then $24.99 a year might be worth the ability to upload un-matched songs to iTunes Match cloud storage for playback later. Also, your matched music will play back from the cloud in 256-Kps quality even if your original files were poor quality.

For more info on iTunes Match, visit Apple’s site here.

FileMaker offering buy one, give one promotion

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

I know a lot of our clients are writing up end-of-year purchase lists for much needed upgrades, so I thought I would mention this promotion that is being offered by FileMaker.

If you buy a Retail or Education version of FileMaker Pro 11 from the FileMaker Store,  you will get a bonus FileMaker Pro 11 license free.  The offer ends December 15, 2011.

Also! For our Bento users, FileMaker has released the Bento Holiday Kit, which includes 3 pre-designed library templates that help organize holiday greeting cards, print labels, plan parties and track gift lists.  And it’s absolutely free for Bento 4 for Mac users! on Twitter