Sparrow email for Mac

Sparrow 1.1 was released last week and the release notes state that it is a “major” update with lots of fixes and features, including:

  • General IMAP support: Gmail, Mobile Me, Yahoo and any custom IMAP account can be used with Sparrow
  • Priority Inbox: Gmail’s priority inbox is integrated
  • Per Alias signature (very cool!): you can use a different signature for each of your avatars

Our techs give Sparrow an 8/10. They find the menu bar integration to be nice, but complete separation of mail accounts (you can’t move messages between accounts) is a minus.

More information can be found on the different features and bug fixes in Sparrow 1.1 can be found at the Sparrow website.

Sparrow 1.1 is available at the Mac App Store.

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