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What’s the difference between the AT&T iPhone and the Verizon iPhone?

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

A lot of people were excited when Verizon announced two weeks ago that it would be getting the iPhone. With AT&T’s less than stellar service (dropped calls, spotty 3G connectivity), we can completely understand why people would want to switch to Verizon.

Before anyone rushes to change their plan to Verizon OR wants to get their first iPhone with Verizon, here are a few things you should all be aware of…

The AT&T iPhone is a UMTS/GSM device, whereas the Verizon iPhone is a CDMA device.

One of the best features of the iPhone is that you can browse the web, send email, etc. while you’re on a phone call — only if you are on the AT&T UMTS/GSM version of the iPhone.  Verizon’s CDMA iPhone is unable to carry voice and data simultaneously.

Although GSM and UMTS is used worldwide and make them ideal for international use, UMTS devices are more susceptible to dropped calls. CDMA devices, like Verizon’s, will in general drop less calls but it can’t use a SIM card which makes it difficult to switch devices.

It seems that most people agree that AT&T has the faster 3G network, so this is a big advantage when you’re trying to upload / download data.

Snow Leopard Update 10.6.6 and the new Mac App Store

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Mac OS X 10.6.6 was released today. Although the support notes mention “general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac,” 10.6.6 really appears to be centered around the new Mac App Store, which is included in the upgrade.

The Mac App Store is not only convenient, but it also makes updating incredibly easy. Instead of going into each individual app and checking for updates, you can click on the Updates tab of the App Store to see which apps have updates available for download. Just like on iOS or in Apple’s Mac Software Update, you can pick and choose updates to install, or just hit the “Update All” button. However, The Mac App Store does not seem to recognize older versions of Apple apps for upgrading, nor does it recognize third-party software that has been installed on your machine.  Again, The Mac App Store only works with Snow Leopard.

The two notable improvements in 10.6.6 are:

  • Addresses a cropping issue with some postscript printing in landscape page orientation.
  • Resolves an issue with some Macs (that have in ATI graphics card) in which the mouse pointer movement could become erratic if an external DVI display is connected.

As always, be sure to back up your machine before updating! on Twitter