Some issues with the 10.5.7 update

So far neither our techs nor our clients have reported any incidents with the latest Leopard update, 10.5.7.  However, Macfixit has had a number of users write in with certain problems that they have experienced after updating.

So far they have noted issues with the following:

  • Computer hangs at the blue screen upon start-up after the installation of the upgrade.
  • Disappearance of certain display resolutions.
  • Buffalo external hard drives are not being recognized post-update.
  • A few users have reported video issues on their MacBooks and MacBook Pros.
  • Inability to print to PDF and some programs crashing when during printing.
  • Bluetooth ceasing to work after the update.
  • Option to disable trackpad when using a mouse appears to disappear in certain MacBooks with the new update.

For info on workarounds and solutions where available, check out MacFixit articles here and here.  As always, the team at Need Mac Help recommends backing up before the installation of any update.  We also recommend installing the combo update.

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