Does Your MacBook or MacBook Pro Seem to Run Hot?

Here are a few tips that we give our clients when they ask us if it’s normal that their MacBook or MacBook Pro is blistering their thighs:

1.  Do not put your MacBook or MacBook Pro directly on your lap.  The correct nomenclature these days is “notebook computer” instead of “laptop” for that very reason.  Putting your MacBook or MacBook Pro on your lap prevents air from circulating underneath it.

2.  Do not put your MacBook or MacBook Pro on a pillow, comforter, carpet or any other soft surface.  Soft material can block the airflow vents.  Instead, put your MacBook or MacBook Pro on a flat, hard surface like a table or desk, so that air can pass through it.  Alternatively, you can get a “lap desk,” which, as Macworld will tell you, doesn’t have to be anything super fancy or expensive.

3.  If possible, put your MacBook or MacBook Pro on a CoolPad, which increases the air space under your machine by lifting it up on adjustable risers, and also allows you to shift the height of of your screen so that it is positioned at a more comfortable height.

4.  Monitor your MacBook or MacBook Pro’s temperatures with iStat pro.  This widget is free to download and lets you keep an eye on all aspects of your machine.

*Big thanks to our superstar tech James for his input on this post.

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