Dropbox – 2GB Free Online Storage

I used Dropbox (the free account version) for the first time this morning and was pleased with the results.  Their website is really fast.

Dropbox offers secure filesharing and syncing between users.  It’s easy to share files between multiple computers — you just download and install Dropbox on every computer you want to keep in sync.  It acts like a regular folder on your computer, which you manage as you would any other folder.  You can also undelete and recover old versions of files.

You can also access files via a web browser, so friends who don’t want to download Dropbox will be able to see files that you want to share with them.   One interesting thing is if anyone invites you to share a folder, both accounts get the data storage charged to their quote (makes sense if you think about it).

Dropbox offers users 2GB of space for free.  If additional storage is needed, they offer an upgrade to 50GB for $99/year or $9.99/month.

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