Aluminum MacBook owners reporting problems with third-party RAM upgrades

Thanks to our brilliant tech James for alerting me to this post on TUAW.

Apparently, some owners of the latest MacBooks have been reporting problems with their machines after installing third-party RAM.  I’ve read through some of the Apple Support Discussion forums and users have been mostly complaining about constant freezing and frequent crashes after upgrading with third-party RAM — even from very reputable vendors like OWC.  The solution for most of these users was to switch the third-party RAM for memory from Apple.

I also read the Cult of Mac post by Pete Mortensen, where he reported that he personally had not experienced any problems with the third-party RAM from Crucial that he installed in his new MacBook over a month ago.  Fluke?

To be safe, we would recommend configuring your new MacBooks with Apple branded RAM when you place your order with the Apple Store or any other authorized retailer.

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