Waiting for FM Touch 1.35

Like many businesses, we use Filemaker Pro for our contacts database.  I use it to keep track of all of our clients and make notes on their setups, needs and appointments.  I also include all of my techs’ notes in there, so that whenever they visit a client, I can give them the past appointment notes.

I had emailed Stephen Knight of FM Touch a month ago, and he told me that the live server mode for version 1.35 of FM Touch will be out in mid to late December.  I’m psyched for the arrival of this updated version of the software, because then the techs will be able to use the FileMaker client on their iPhones to access the relevant data live from our server.

Stephen and his team are super nice and respond quickly to any questions or comments.  Their support seems fabulous as well.  You can follow Stephen and his team on Twitter to get the latest updates on FM Touch.

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