Twitterific and The Iconfactory

I was looking around for an easy way to make posts to Twitter without having to use the Twitter website, and came across this nifty application called Twitterific, which was created by a cool software company called The Iconfactory.  Twitterific is a desktop widget that I can make as small or as big as I like and makes it easy to make posts and keep track of all of the people I am following throughout the day.

The Iconfactory makes loads of other great software, too, like iPulse, which shows you what’s going on inside your machine either on your desktop, in your menu bar or in your dock.  iPulse monitors a number of different stats, among them your disk usage, memory activity and usage and even the temperature of your motherboard.

Cool company worth checking out and keeping an eye on for new products.

P.S.  They’ve also teamed up with EMC Retrospect Dev Team and are desiging the icons for Retrospect X.

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