Apple Beta Versions iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan

July 10th, 2015

We’ve had a few inquiries recently about the beta versions of Apple’s new iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. It’s true that users can enroll in Apple’s Beta Software Program and “test-drive” the soon-to-be released iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, but as we always advise our clients with any new software update or upgrade, please DO NOT install the new software on a device or machine that is crucial for business or personal use. Only install the software if you have a second device or machine that you do not rely on for everyday use.

What to look for in iOS 9

June 10th, 2015

Apple promises that the new iOS is loaded with improvements that will help users’ every day productivity. Among the new features are:

  • Multitasking on iOS 9 for iPad – users can work with more than one application at once! SplitView is an app for iPad that allows you to view two different apps in a split screen (ergo the name).
  • News – a new app that will be added to the home screen, and which will collect stories that you are likely to read based on topics that you are most interested in.
  • Proactive – a Siri-like assistant that will “learn” from your iPhone usage and predict what you are interested in doing with your device.

For all the ins-and-outs of the new iOS 9, which is slated to be out this September, check out Apple’s preview on their site here.

Outlook app for iOS launched today

January 29th, 2015

One of our techs brought this news item to our attention today: Microsoft has released its Outlook app, which includes support for iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail! I know a lot of our clients who rely on Outlook could really benefit from having their email, calendars, contacts, and attachments in one unified view. Furthermore, this might be the best app ever for Gmail users.

Here’s the official list of features from Microsoft:

Manage your inbox

  • Outlook automatically triages your inbox for you, surfacing your most important email. Less relevant email is placed in your “Other” inbox.
  • Swipe to quickly delete, archive, or schedule messages.
  • Schedule emails and they will return to your inbox at a later time.

Your calendar built-in

  • Switching between your email and calendar apps is a thing of the past. Outlook includes your calendar and notifies you with appointment reminders.
  • Find available meeting times and share them in email or schedule a meeting.

Attachments made easy

  • View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other accounts with just a few taps.
  • Send large files even if you haven’t downloaded them to your phone.

Find anything fast

  • Filter your inbox to only show messages that are unread, flagged, or have attachments, with a single tap.
  • Quickly find the right messages, people and files by typing just a few letters.
  • Outlook shows people you communicate with most often, and lets you conveniently drill down to see all related emails, meetings and files.


Nota bene! The Outlook app for iOS requires iOS 8.0 and 22.5 MB free space.

Download Outlook app for free on Apple iTunes here. And please feel free to contact us, so that we may help you arrange for an appointment with one of our Apple certified Mac techs, who will help you navigate the new options and see how they can improve your workflow!

What will Apple announce at tomorrow’s media event?

October 15th, 2014

The Apple media event scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, October 16 promises another round of new releases.  We’ve already seen the new iPhone 6 and a new version of iOS, but we are fairly certain that Apple will announce the following new devices and machines:

1. Retina iMac

2. New iPad

3. The launch of OS X Yosemite

4. A new Mac mini

There have been rumors that Apple will release a new version of Apple TV as well, which is possible since it has been a while since the device has seen any major changes.


Buying a New Mac?

July 10th, 2014

Our tech Gene encouraged me to write this post for our clients (and future clients) out there who are getting ready to purchase a new Mac.

We know that the new machines are awesome and it’s tempting to just run out and get a new MacBook Air or iMac to replace the older model that’s sitting on your desk. But before you make that order or rush to your nearest Apple Store, please give us a call or shoot us an email so that we can make sure that you are buying the right machine for your needs.  We’ve had a couple of cases recently where clients bought new machines without consulting us first, only to discover at the onsite service appointment that the new machine they had purchased did not have enough storage capacity for the data on their old machine.

So!  Just a reminder to our clients and NYC users to call or email us for purchase recommendations before scheduling an onsite Mac support appointment with one of our techs.  We can walk you through checking storage capacity on your current machine and discuss your workflow and needs for expansion. We are always here to help provide excellent Mac help!

AIM Login Support Discontinued for and IDs

July 7th, 2014

Last month Apple issued a support document stating that as of June 30, 2014, it would stop support for AIM users with or IDs. Apple noted that by upgrading to OS X 10.7.2 or later, however, users could continue to use their or accounts.

According to a post by AppAdvice, Apple decided to discontinue support for ALL Mac OS X users that continued to use or accounts with the built-in Messages app and other third-party applications. While we’ve had several instances of users who are running Mavericks being unable to login with or in Messages, some users running 10.7.5 are reporting that they have had no change in AIM service and are continuing to login to iChat with legacy and accounts.

If you can’t login to AIM via Messages or iChat, Apple’s support document gives instructions on how to create a new AIM ID to use with whatever version of OS X you have.

Exciting Photo Features in iOS 8

June 24th, 2014

As I’ve been taking loads of photos recently, I wanted to write a post about the new camera and photo library features that we will see in iOS 8.

For most users, the new Photos app is going to be the most important improvement. Users will be able to access every photo they’ve taken across all their devices. And once an edit is made to a photo on one device, the edit will also sync to the same image held on all other devices. If you change your mind about the edit, you can always revert back to the original. Also, since all the photos will live in iCloud, the iCloud Photo Library will enable users to keep the high-res photos and videos in iCloud while holding lower-res versions on the individual devices in order to conserve space needed for picture taking.

And here are a few more exciting additions:

  • Panorama photos. Panorama photos on the iPhone are great, but with iOS 8, iPad users will be able to take these wide-format photos as well.
  • Camera timer. Well, maybe not THAT exciting, but it could come in handy if you’re trying to get a group shot together.
  • Time-Lapse mode. There’s no longer a need for an additional time lapse app (several are available in the App Store) because Apple has integrated this feature into the Camera app in iOS 8.

One of our techs alerted me to a post written about the manual camera controls in iOS 8.  Shutter speed can be set manually?!  This means the possibility of long exposures! ISO can be changed as well, which means that it will be easier to shoot in low light situations (but increase in digital noise). Focus control is the other amazing improvement.  Really excited to see how this will work.

Heartbleed Bug – Update

April 16th, 2014

For our users that haven’t been in touch with us or reading the latest reports on the serious encryption flaw known as the Heartbleed bug, we are listing some up-to-date information regarding the sites that have been affected. Most of the sites are ones that users frequent the most (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo), so passwords absolutely must be changed. We really recommend that you change passwords on all frequented sites.

Mashable has a comprehensive (and updated as of 4/15/14) list of affected sites here. For more information on the history of the Heartbleed bug, read the Sydney Morning Herald article here.

As always, if you have any questions about passwords or security, please don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with one of our senior-level Apple certified techs.

OS X 10.9.2 Released – Fix for SSL Security Flaw Included

February 25th, 2014

The OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 update was released a few hours ago. This update is recommended for all users who are running OS XMavericks. It addresses an SSL security flaw that was announced by Apple in its security notes for iOS 7.0.6 — an update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that was delivered at the end of last week.

In addition to the security fixes, the 10.9.2 update also improves compatibility with Gmail archive mailboxes (something many of our clients have been waiting for) as well as includes improvements to Gmail labels.

For more information on the update and how to update, visit Apple’s support page for 10.9.2 here. As always, be sure to backup up your machine before updating!

For more information on iOS 7.0.6, visit Apple’s security page here. Update on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via Settings > Software Update.

SwiftKey Note: New Note-taking App for iOS with Evernote Integration

January 30th, 2014

If you’re like me (and our techs) and take a lot of notes throughout the day, you probably want to check out the new app for iPhone and iPad, SwiftKey Note.  The Evernote integration combined with the next-word prediction technology makes for super fast note-taking.  I downloaded this app this morning and have already saved my thumbs a lot of unnecessary typing. on Twitter